Introductory offer

We offer the possibility to use SeedDMS without having to install the software itself. For 10 EUR per month, you get a ready installed DMS on one of our servers.


SeedDMScloud provides easy access to document management. It provides properties that are often not even offered in commercial software. It manages documents and folders very similar to a file system on your hard disk. But it offers much more when it comes to adding metadata like the author, keywords, a description, and arbitrary attributes. Each document has at least one version which is the actual content of the document. Any update will create a new version, while keeping all the old ones. A document is more than a file. It has extra metadata, can have any number of versions, be related to other documents, may even have attached files, has access rights and can be run through a workflow before it is released. The most common document types like PDF, MS Word, MS Excel can be indexed for full text search. Simple workflow management requesting review and approval before a document is released and has a fully new workflow engine has been added which allows arbitrary self-defined workflows.

SeedDMSCloud uses the SeedDMS which is a user-friendly and powerful open-source document management system. It is based upon PHP and MySQL. It was developed over many years and this is why it is an enterprise-grade platform that is mature enough for effectively sharing or storing documents. Some of the features of this document management system are a fully web-based user interface, preservation of earlier document versions, external authentication, group management, notifications for changes, access control lists, workflow for document approvals and reviews, multi-language support etc. Incidentally, this system is found to have better usability on smartphones which have smaller display sizes. The SeedDMS can manage documents just like the file system on hard disks but offers greater features for additional metadata such as keywords, author, descriptions etc. Every document will have a single version at least that is the content and when there is an updated version, the older ones will be retained. It has an easy-to-use workflow management system which requests review and approval prior to releasing any document.


  • User and group administration
  • Connection to an LDAP, Active Directory Server
  • version management
  • Workflow Management
  • Integration into TYPO3 CMS
  • Upload as large files
  • Improvising and full-text indexing of documents
  • Grouping into categories
  • User-defined attributes
  • Relations between documents
  • File attachments to documents
  • Easy backup and recovery
  • WebDAV Support
  • API for connection to existing software

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